Well Hello everyone and  Happy New Year !

I’m very glad to be announcing this to you, especially quite early on in 2017.

If you haven’t read through any of my blog posts before or if this is simply your first time looking at my blog  I am here to announce to all of you that I will be starting, very soon, to create a Youtube channel in the aims to teach certain scientific topics in an easy way and have a bit of sciency fun along the way!

For those who have read any of my blog posts and found them interesting or helpful, stay tuned for some more helpful media in the form of videos and for those haven’t, I invite you to have a look and see whether you’ll find it useful.

Check out my Youtube Channel and the content I will be uploading ( Starting from the end of this week , 8th January 2017) and please feel free to comment  on the videos produced (all constructive criticism appreciated !)


Like the name of my blog, the name of my Youtube Channel is : The Sciency Fellow .

Please join me as I start this New journey in this New Year.

Thanks for reading!


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