Pigments, the nervous system and cats .

Taken from New Scientist  5 November 2011 . Have a look, it’s great!

Pigment drives muscle movement in cat’s eyes:




Fast Fact

Fast Fact (Taken from Page 9 of the Big Picture Magazine, Issue 22, Summer 2015):

Arabidopis thaliana (a type of cress) has been grown from seed on the International Space Station ,and turnips and basil are to be grown on the Moon in 2015.

Source: NASA press releases.


For more information on the scientific Big Picture Magazine or to have a look at the specific magazine where this interesting fast fact came from, here’s the link to visit:


If someone told you that you could switch off pain, what would you do?


We’ve all had that time where we’ve experienced pain, whether this was through banging headaches, and, when we were younger tripped and hurt our knees, or if you’ve ever had a cartoon moment hit our heads against a lamppost because you weren’t looking. So you’ll probably be glad to hear that BBC news health had posted a video which reveals that research suggests that there may be a ‘cure’ to pain.

Unfortunately for those who have headaches, have injured themselves playing rugby and those who I’ve mentioned above, you’ll just have to stick with the good old morphine and hospital pain relief as this research is not at all for short term purposes but aimed at those who live with chronic health conditions and are in constant pain and in need of pain relief.

Have a look at this short clip on BBC News by clicking on the link below and tell me what you think about this revolutionary new and exciting research that may in the future provide a better quality of life for so many people experiencing chronic pain.

Link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-33105759